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The UK and Italian research assessment exercises face to face


Type: Journal Article
Year: 2013

In the UK the Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) is being replaced by the Research Excellence Framework (REF); similarly, in Italy the former Research Evaluation Exercise (VTR 2001–2003) has been revised and extended and a new cycle of assessment was activated in Autumn 2011 (VQR 2004–2010). The analysis of the development and the consequences of both British and Italian assessment exercises is carried out on the basis of three theoretical frameworks – new public management (NPM), neo-institutional sociology (NIS), and organisational control theory (OCT). This last framework is crucial because the control systems have an effective sense-making capacity and it also exposes a different awareness about control systems in the British and Italian experiences.

RESEARCH POLICY, ELSEVIER, vol. 42, p. 1657–1666




Varieties of Governance. Dynamics, Strategies, Capacities

The study of governance may be currently in fashion, but it is also a firmly-established lens through which the complexities of contemporary policy making can be analysed while examining the ways in which a society and its political processes are organized and steered. [...]