Italian Centre for Research on Universities & HE Systems

The permanent liminality. Transition and liminal change in the Italian university. A theoretical framework and early evidences

Massimiliano Vaira

Type: Chapter in edited book
Year: 2014

Starting from the observation that in organizational studies the concept of transition is dealt more as an evocative term rather than an analytical object, the essay deals with transition and liminality applied to organizational change both in theoretical and empirical perspective. Firstly it provides a conceptual definition of transition and liminality. Secondly, a general theoretical model about transition and liminality and their possible outcomes is developed. Finally, using an empirical case, namely the Italian university, it shows how transition phase and liminality – under certain conditions – hinder change and trap organizations into a liminal state.

Jelena Brankovic, Manja Klemencic, Predrag Lazetic, Pavel Zgaga (eds.) Global challenges, local responses in higher education, Sense Publisher, Rotterdam, 191-208



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