Italian Centre for Research on Universities & HE Systems

Roberto Moscati

Member of Scientific Board

Education and Training

– Master of Education (Ed.M.), Harvard University, USA (1970)
– Master of Science (Sociology), Northwestern University, USA (1969)
– Post graduate Fellowship, Italian Institute for International Political Studies – ISPI, Milano (1963-1964)
– Laurea in Political Science, Catholic University, Milano, Italy (1963)

Work Experience

– Advisor of the Vice-Rector for teaching activities, Università di Milano-Bicocca (2016-to date)
– Coordinator of the internal Evaluation Committee Università IULM, Milano (2000– to date)
– Member of the Scientific Council of the Portuguese “ Agéncia de Avaliação e Acreditação do
Ensino Superior – Assessment and Accreditation Agency”-A3ES, Lisbon (2013 – to date)
– Member of the Evaluation Committee Università di Milano Bicocca (2004-2016)
– Full professor of Sociology of Education, University of Milano-Bicocca (1998-2009)
– Full professor of Sociology of Education, Università di Trieste (1994-1998)
-Associate professor of Sociology of Education, Università di Milano (1987-1994)
– Associate professor of Sociology of Education, Università di Catania (1974-1987)
– Government official, Centre of Training and Studies for the Mezzogiorno – FORMEZ, Roma (1970-1981)
– Instructor, Università Cattolica, Institute of Sociology, Milano (1964-1967)

Additional Professional Experience

– Visiting scholar at the University of California, Berkeley-UCB; University of California at Los Angeles-UCLA; Stanford University (1983-84)
– Member of the Editorial Board “Tertiary Education and Management” (2001-to date);“Scuola Democratica” (2012 – to date); “European Journal of Education”(1986-1992; 2000-2004); Member of the Editorial Advisory Board “Higher Education” (1995-2002)
– Member of the Executive Committee, “Consortium of Higher Education Researchers”-CHER, Paris-Kassel (1986-1990 )
– President  “Centro Interdipartimentale di Studi e Ricerche sui Sistemi d’Istruzione Superiore”-CIRSIS, Università di Pavia (2013 – 2016)




Varieties of Governance. Dynamics, Strategies, Capacities

The study of governance may be currently in fashion, but it is also a firmly-established lens through which the complexities of contemporary policy making can be analysed while examining the ways in which a society and its political processes are organized and steered. [...]