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Francesco Ramella

Member of Scientific Board

Francesco Ramella is a Professor of Economic Sociology at the University of Torino (Italy), where he is President of the Undergraduate Programme in “Social and Political Sciences” and Director of the International Master Programme in Public Policy and Social Change held at the Collegio Carlo Alberto.

He is also Co-Editor of the Political Science collection of the publishing house Maggioli and member of the Editorial Boards of the following scientific journals: “Stato e Mercato”, “Environment and Planning C: Government and Policy” and “South European Society & Politics”.

He has carried out researches on innovation, regional/local governance and development, urban policies and regulation modes.  In particular, on the theme of innovation, he has written a textbook on behalf of the publishing house “Il Mulino” that has been published by Routledge (and is being translated in Brazilian).

Among his recent books in Italian: Sociologia dell’innovazione economica (Il Mulino 2013); Governare città. Beni collettivi e politiche metropolitane (Donzelli-Meridiana Libri, 2012 with F. Piselli and L. Burroni); Imprese e territori dell’alta tecnologia in Italia (Il Mulino 2010, with C. Trigilia); Invenzioni e inventori in Italia (Il Mulino 2010, with C. Trigilia).

Among his recent works in English: The «Enterprise of Innovation» in hard times, forthcoming in “European Planning Studies”; The “Paradox” of Innovation in South European Countries, submitted to “South European Society & Politics”; Sociology of Economic Innovation (Routledge, 2016); Fab Labs in Italy (with Cecilia Manzo, in “Stato e Mercato” 2015); Political Economy (in G. Ritzer, ed., The Blackwell Encyclopedia of Sociology, Blackwell, 2015); Surfing between State and Market, for One Hundred Times (in “Stato e Mercato”, 2014); Society, Politics and Territory in Italy: What is Left? (in “South European Society & Politics”, 2010); Negotiating Local Development: The Italian Experience of “Territorial Pacts” (in “Environment and Planning C: Government and Policy”, 2010).


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